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This one’s for Tim – last week he posted a comment, wondering when to use “me” and when to use “I” in a sentence. It can be tricky! From an official standpoint, “I” is a subject pronoun, while “me” is an object pronoun.

Saying “I” can make your speech sound more formal and impressive, but sometimes, it’s just plain bad grammar. We don’t often have the time in a conversation to pause and sort this out, so here’s a quick exercise that will help: When in doubt, omit the second person in the sentence.

For example:

Please join Lester and I for ice cream tomorrow.

Let’s remove Lester from the equation. What would you have said, speaking naturally?

Please join me for ice cream tomorrow.

How about another one?

The book belongs to Miranda and I.

Let’s get rid of Miranda and see what you would have said.

The book belongs to me.

Both of those sentences should use “me” as the correct pronoun. How about an example that uses “I” correctly?

David and I went to the store.

Remove David from the equation, and you would say:

I went to the store.

Hope this helps!