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I was out running errands yesterday when yet another grammatical gaffe impeded my progress, leaping, as it were, into my shopping cart of conundrums.

Every once in a while, I like to troll the clearance aisles, searching for bargains. In this store, all the clearance items are stocked on shelves in one or two aisles for shopping convenience, labeled by signs marking each category – gifts, games, kitchenware, and this one:

On the shelves below was a cute assortment of writing supplies – flowered paper, pastel envelopes, pens with designs, all falling victim, I’m sure, to our habit of sending thoughts of thankfulness and other correspondence electronically. However, for old-school customers who still want to write a nice note to a friend, this was the perfect place to snag a deal.

But what the sign should really have said was “STATIONERY.”

That “E” near the end makes a big difference.

The word on the sign above means “having a fixed position; not moving.” Certainly, the stacks of writing supplies weren’t going anywhere, but in this case, “stationery” refers to office or other writing supplies.

There you have it! Next time I behold a blooper, you’ll be the first to know.