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Welcome to Weird Word Wednesday!

Here’s a word you may not have heard of, but you’ve certainly experienced its effects. Perhaps you dashed out of the house in a panic after yanking on yesterday’s khakis, or found that, overnight, your dog slept on the papers you needed for this morning’s meeting.

In both cases, things got miscomfrumpled. Isn’t that fun to say? When things get miscomfrumpled, they’re excessively creased or rumpled.

But let’s back up a second – why must we have everything crease-free and smooth? Ironing certainly isn’t one of my favorite household chores, and if it were socially acceptable to parade around looking like I slept in my clothes, I might just try it.

I used to work with a guy who didn’t pay much attention to the little things. This was evident when he bought clothes. Gary (not his real name) would show up having only just removed his new shirt from its cardboard-lined package. He’d button it up and head for work, where we noticed the packaging creases and strange whiff of “new clothes” as he passed by.

This sartorial bad habit of Gary’s unknowingly got him a few eye rolls, but after a while, we all got used to this quirk.

From what I could find, the practice of ironing cloth has been around for centuries. Back in the B.C. days, the Chinese used pans filled with hot water to smooth fabric. My great-grandma used an old-fashioned iron that she set back on the stove to heat up between shirts. What a load of work that was! Maybe that early experience gave me my current dislike for ironing…

We generally don’t like to be miscomfrumpled. And it shows:

For years, Mrs. Twinkenwiffel refused to keep Mitzy, her biting Chihuahua, on a leash when the mail was delivered. Edna, the mail carrier, retaliated by miscomfrumpling the covers of Mrs. Twinkenwiffel’s catalogs ever so slightly.

So whether it’s clothes, catalogs, or khakis, we have issues with things being miscomfrumpled. Do we need a National Miscomfrumpled Day to just let it all hang out? At least we’d have an excuse to run around wrinkled!