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computers have revolutionized the way we write, making the process much easierToday I’m going to switch gears and talk about why writing well matters. Technology has made the actual “work” of writing much easier, but it’s also given birth to shortcuts that are often out of place in the work world.

LMKs and LOLs are great when we’re emailing friends or posting on Facebook, but they’re often inappropriate in a professional setting.

Little things matter! Run-on sentences peppered with commas drag readers along breathlessly until they reach the period. I’ve noticed more and more of these sentences – they slow readers down, forcing them to re-read until the meaning becomes clear.

Proper grammar can be part of the technological revolution – it’s the backbone of solid writing, especially when it comes to marketing your products and creating a professional image.

broccoli Think of it this way – you’re on a first date with an interesting, intelligent person, enjoying dinner as you get to know each other. Halfway through the meal, you notice broccoli stuck between your date’s front teeth. This isn’t about whether or not you politely point out your companion’s new dental concern; rather, it’s about a polished image that’s altered, ever so slightly, by this one detail.

That’s what solid grammar does for you – polishes each piece of your marketing campaign and enhances your brand. And emails and interoffice communication are included here. If you’re creating an image you want your customers to embrace, every bit of communication deserves your utmost.

Get rid of the broccoli and get going on creating a polished, professional image!