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Sometimes routine can offer structure; other times, it can be stiflingWhen I was a kid, one of my dad’s many nicknames for me was “Grandma.” Not because I favored support hose and flowered polyester dresses, but because I had predictable habits, especially in the morning.

I’m eating different cereal now, but my mornings still follow a routine: get up, exercise, come home and have a cup of tea, and start my day. Overall, I like participating in planning events, rather than being surprised. It’s what my brother-in-law calls “Planned Spontaneity.” 

Thanks, Pat – it’s still a good line, and it still works!

Recently, though, I’ve done something that altered the flow of my day, changed the way I relate to people, and challenged my voice as a writer. I got a part-time job. It’s been a challenge because I’m used to organizing my day around homeschooling, my writing jobs, etc. Now I’m on someone else’s punch clock, dealing with a range of people.

I’ve found that writing has become even more important to me, given the fact that my routine has been disrupted and I don’t have the freedom for it that I used to. Something I took for granted is suddenly changed.

I just read Blaine Hogan’s post “When You Don’t Have Enough _____ to Make What You Want.”

Blaine suggests, quite convincingly, that “when you make the agreement, internally or otherwise, that creativity is tied to resources, you are dead in the water…What you lack isn’t resources, it’s imagination.”

He’s right, though. I’ve been internally whining about my lack of time to write, but really, it’s my lack of making it a priority. I have the same, God-given 24 hours that everyone else on the planet has; how I use them is up to me.

I’m sensing it might be time for some planned spontaneity!

Writing has always been a life line, a way to create, to bring words into being that no one’s ever read before, which is pretty cool. Finding the words to tell people’s stories – whether it’s writing their newsletter, sharing their story in an article, or writing a peppy Facebook post – is an honor. Plain and simple.

Some days you just have to create your own sunshineInterestingly, my time restraints have given me a sharper focus when it does come time to write. There’s a bright side to everything.

What excuses have you been telling yourself that hold you back from what you should be doing? Could a dose of Planned Spontaneity help?