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I’m really enjoying the Blog Hops that I’ve been invited to participate in! Too often, I get stuck in routines without even knowing it, and that includes the online websites I visit. From time to time, this gets a little yawn-inducing, so I was excited to be invited by Peter Mallett to a blog hop. I’ve admired his work for quite a while, and he’s always willing to help other writers however he’s able – from advice on his blog Writing in Color to helpful suggestions, he’s got us writers covered! Meet Peter below, and please take a minute to check out his blog – it’s encouraging, fun to read, and always interesting. Here’s the bio he shared with me:

Peter Mallett

Peter Mallett

Peter lives in Virginia not far from the ocean, but he can’t quite hear the waves from his home. He’s been writing since childhood. He also enjoys drawing, photography, and helping others with their goals.

He sold his first short story in 2002 to Kid’s Ark Magazine. Later, he sold two short stories to Tyndale Kids for “The Young Believer’s Case Files,” published in 2003. He’s been blogging since September 2012 and has written articles, short stories, greeting cards, and inspirational pieces. An article he wrote for his blog in January was later included in the Southwest Writers’ Newsletter (May 2013).

On his blog, Writing in Color, Peter expresses his thoughts on writing and encouraging people who want to write better for their profession or their pleasure. Many have encouraged him, and he wants to give back. He trusts in the power of words, but more importantly he believes in people. His writing style is lighthearted and encouraging. In fact, motivation and creativity are themes he revisits often. Some posts are short (300-600 words) and some are longer (600-1200 words), but he tries to make sure none of them are longer than they need to be. He says, “I take pleasure in shooting unnecessary words.”

Here are a few of his posts:

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Find out more about Peter at Writing in Color. You can also find him on Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.