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I’m not a fan of airport security. I don’t know many people who are.

We recently flew from Mitchell Airport in Milwaukee to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport to catch our connecting flight to Tampa, Florida.

I was in pre-vacation mode, ready to let my hair down in the sunshine when I spotted a sign hanging just past one of the checkpoints at Mitchell Airport. I actually stopped and did a double-take, then started laughing. Recombobulation Lighter

Recombobulation Area?? What a hoot!

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “discombobulate” as “to upset or confuse.” I decided “recombobulate” meant “to clear up or reassemble.”

Seems I wasn’t the only one to notice this cool sign with the made-up word. In the July, 2008 edition of the Journal-Sentinel, the sign – and the reaction it caused – got its own article.

And travelers can identify, including Melissa Fullmore, who called airline travel “a stressful time.”

I agree! In Atlanta, I got barked at by a security guard for not staying with my carry-on during the screening process.

“Stay with your luggage, ma’am. Stay. With. Your. Luggage!”

Right after that, another guard pulled me aside and swabbed my hands. She didn’t even tell me why – just pulled me aside, told me to hold up my hands, and scratched some paper thingy over my palms and swiped it under a scanner. I tried to keep my cool through all this, but really, when they can’t even tell you why you’re being singled out, I started feeling all prickly inside and decided to ask.

Seems the scratchy paper thingy was “a precautionary measure to detect explosive residue, ma’am.”

The last explosive thing that happened to me was when I gave birth to our last child, almost 17 years ago. Sigh…

At that point, I really needed a Recombobulation Area, but large as it is (4,700 acres) Hartsfield-Jackson didn’t even have one single teensy corner set aside to get recombobulated.

It’s always fun to find new words, and I’d like to thank Susie Lindau over at Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride, who came up with some pretty cool new words for 2015.

Eventually, I got recombobulated on my own, and we made it to Florida in one piece.

St. Petersburg Florida is known for its beautiful weather

St. Petersburg, Florida