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Earlier this week, I posted “Five Truths and a Lie.” I listed six items, and asked you to pick which one was the lie. So here goes!

Big Reveal

1. I once got a pencil lead stuck in the upper left corner of my scalp. This one is TRUE. When we were little, my brothers and I were playing sled dog, and decided it would be cool to make a whip out of a string tied to a pencil. One crack of that sucker implanted the pencil lead in my scalp and the story is now part of family lore.

sled dogs are used in races like the Iditarod

Right after it hit…

2. One snowy night, we drove my friend’s mom’s Grand Prix almost through the back of their garage. This one is also TRUE. Thank goodness I wasn’t the one driving…

3. One of my earliest jobs was a grave digger at a pet cemetery just outside town. This baby is FALSE. This was actually one of my husband’s first jobs. Good thing he didn’t reveal that on our first date…

Eating too much candy results in a toothache4. I once wrote a school paper for a friend in exchange for 20 packages of Bubble Yum gum. This one’s TRUE. Man, did my teeth ache after that one!

5. I had a secret mini-crush on James Garner when he starred in “The Rockford Files.”  TRUE

6. I never played Ding-Dong Ditch-It or toilet papered anyone’s house. Several people picked this one for the lie, but it’s actually TRUE. What can I say?

So there you have it – thanks to Susie, Erica and Peg (and my parents, who already knew the answer…) for guessing. It was fun digging back in the archives of my life!