Services include:

Newsletters – Sharing information in a style that reflects your corporate culture.

Web content – Copy that fits your company’s brand and target market.

Press releases – Share the events that move your company forward.

Speeches – Written around your personal style with your audience in mind

Proofreading – Your final copy shouldn’t go out the door without being proofread. Many spell checkers don’t catch those little mistakes that make all the difference between a polished piece and one that looks amateurish.

Editing – Writing that flows, is easy to read, and is very understandable.

Copywriting – Telling customers about your company’s products and services in a manner consistent with your brand and identity.

Wedding vows – Customized vows that say “my life is yours” in a very special way.

Personalized obituaries – Honoring loved ones with a message of respect and integrity.

Contact me for additional information, quotes, and questions. I’d love to hear from you!


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