Deanne M. Schultz

I’m a freelance writer specializing in human interest stories, newsletters, and proofreading. My work includes over 400 stories written for the Sheboygan Press, Herald Times Reporter and Lakeshore Living, a magazine distributed by their parent company, Gannett Media.

When I’m not doing all that serious stuff, I read. Political biographies, historical biographies, murder mysteries and books with a little sand in their teeth. (Think Cry, the Beloved Country by Alan Paton or To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee and you’re on the right track.)

I am often asked who my favorite historical figures are, a kind of “who would you have to lunch?” scenario. If Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Charles Dickens, Abigail Adams or Eleanor Roosevelt would stop by for snacks, I’d fall over in a dead faint. Imagine the things you could ask them, the stories they’d share! Questions start bubbling in my mind just thinking about that.

Stories motivate me. Whether I read them in a book or meet an interesting person, the possibilities are the same. I believe everyone has a story. Everyone. One thing I’ve learned from doing hundreds of interviews is that basic fact. The nondescript little grandma in front of you in the checkout lane? She probably has a story that would make you laugh with her. The tall man, reading quietly at the library? He’s a concentration camp survivor. Never judge a book by its cover and you’ll be rewarded by what’s inside.

I love traveling. We’ve been to Paris, France, toured Italy and parts of Greece, and I’d return to Europe in an instant. I love the architecture, the history, the fact that I trod the same cobblestones as Julius Caesar, or rested both hands on the railing inside Les Invalides, and stared at Napoleon’s massive tomb, two stories below.

In my free time, I unwind by writing for enjoyment. Check out “The Green Hornet Suit and Other Musings” and “Travels to Italy. These pages will give you a good feel for my take on life and a taste of a few different writing styles.


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